The Classics

Adam 8 on Adams.jpg (20383 bytes) Adam at 8 years old on the summit of Mt. Adams
Babe in the Woods.jpg (717014 bytes) Denise hiking up the Carbon River trail at Mt. Rainier
Happy Dad.jpg (355327 bytes) Must be Fathers Day
Happy Hoh Hikers.jpg (511345 bytes) Happy hikers on the Hoh River trail in Olympic National Park
Kings Canyon Group.jpg (133187 bytes) After a week hiking in Yosemite, then a week in Kings Canyon, and before children  (Or . . . life B.C.)
Mark Don Summit Glacier Pk.jpg (156357 bytes) Mark and Don on the summit of Glacier Peak
Noodle Happy.jpg (465754 bytes) Noodlehead (Winter backcountry ski trip at Mt. Rainier)